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We Offer Tree Bracing & Cabling, Expert Arborist West Island and Surrounding Areas.

Cabling & bracing techniques hold no secrets for our expert Arborist West Island team. Often referred to as guy wiring, guy line or guy wire, the guyline makes it possible to secure tree forks by attaching textile or steel braided cables between the branches to allow the tree to hold up to inclement weather conditions such as high winds or ice storms.

Known in the industry as Cobra cables, they come with a wrapped core which surrounds the trunk and branches without causing harm to the tree itself, but ultimately securing the vulnerable branches as needed. When meeting with you about tree cabling & tree bracing, we’ll advise on what needs to be done, whether it’s removing the limb altogether or for a last resort effort, using guy ropes to secure the tree in order to help the tree recover from prior damage.

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