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We Offer Tree Cutting Montreal, West Island and Surrounding Areas,
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Our tree cutting services consist in getting rid of a tree permanently and securely. When considering tree removal, it’s important to take into account the surroundings and the subsequent impact the tree removal will have in the immediate area. You may want to simply prune the tree extensively instead of having it removed.

In some cases, we can provide an expert opinion from a Forestry Expert in order to assess the health of the tree in a precise manner.

Specialized tree cutting is one of our specialties, it consists in removing trees which are either hard to access, very high or located in a particular area where it needs to be cut in a controlled manner during it’s removal in order to ensure all around safety. In some instances, we rely on crane services to help with the job at hand.


Emondage GV brings years of experience to the task of tree cutting and removal. With expert care, we assess the situation be it a maintenance or emergency tree removal. Often the best way we safely remove a tree is to start at the top and work our way down using a combination of pulleys, ropes, and teamwork.

In some cases we bring in a crane service when surrounding buildings or certain situations where there isn’t room to safely fell a tree. It becomes a question of safety when space permits, we may decide to fell the tree, or to use other specialized removal equipment.

When you need expert tree removal Montreal, West Island and surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call the experts, we’ll be glad to quote your tree removal project and get it done in a timely manner.

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