Tree Pruning West Island, Vaudreuil and Surroundings

We Offer Tree Pruning Services

We provide all types of pruning, because different trees have different needs and every owner has their own personal view of what needs to be done. Sometimes, hazard pruning is needed to remove dead branches, stub cutting, removing branches that are too tightly entwined which in turn creates rubbing on the bark. We provide thinning services on trees by removing 15 to 30% of the leafy mass which minimizes potential branch breaking, making the tree more resistant to wind and ice. The added benefit is two-fold as more light makes its way through the tree.

Crown raising of a tree is a great way to increase indirect light under the tree. We do this by removing low branches from the trunk and then shorten branches that are growing towards the ground. Clearance pruning is usually done to provide infrastructure clearing of neighbouring trees, think; house, clothes line, electrical wires and other structures. Cutting the top of a tree, known as topping is usually a last resort procedure. It’s not something we do often, but when necessary, we know how to proceed in order to maximize the tree’s lifespan. It’s also good to note that some trees, such as fruit trees can benefit from topping.

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